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Earth & Space Science

Science Data for the Class

The collection, analysis, & display of data is so important to science education. Recently, data on the web has become more accessible to students. The Earth Observatory map from NASA is an example. Click on the map and go to # 6. The USGS (#3) and NOAA (#8) have done great work in this area, also!

Click on the standards below, to see the list of recommended tools. Remember that learningscience.org is a work in progress. If you have found a great tool, please click on "Report a Link?" for sharing. Thanks.

Standards: Grades K-4

Standards: Grades 5-8

Standards: Grades 9-12

* Properties of Earth Materials

* Structure of the Earth System

* Energy in the Earth System

* Objects in the Sky

* Earth's History

* Geochemical Cycles

* Changes in Earth & Sky

* Earth in the Solar System

* Origin &  Evolution in the Earth System


* Origin &  Evolution of the Universe





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