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Student and Teacher Comments

Send us your, or your student comments to gmehler@cbsd.org . Thanks

Student Comment "What I like best about learningscience.org is it takes all the best learning tools and puts them in the site.  Without it I could have never found all great interactive lessons."
Teacher Comment "Just thought I would let you know I used the photosynthesis simulation  in my classes today as discovery on how light affects photosynthesis. It worked out very well.  The students seemed to understand everything much better after the simulation. Great learning tool!!"
Student Comment "I love learningscience.org because it provides so many fun games and activities that teach you a lot while you are having fun! You can experience fun adventures from going into space to dissecting frogs. Itís a great site for challenging your brain while having a fun time."
Teacher Comment "I spent some time with my team partner checking out this site this morning. It is fantastic. A colleague and I will be sharing this as well as the science discussion board at an upcoming faculty meeting here at our school. These sites are great. Thank you so much for all your good ideas."
Student Comment "The reason that I like learningscience.org is because there are so many educational, but fun games, on the site like the knee surgery game. It is fun to do the incisions and to dissect. But you can also have some information stored up in your noggin about tools or surgeries."
Teacher Comment "Teachers are really excited about the possibilities of the website. A great tool!!"
Student Comment "My favorite sites are Power of Ten and Grain Strain. I like Power of Ten because it is funny. It goes out many light years away and builds up to an extreme close up of a proton. The Grain Strain is cool because the bright colors and game-like concept helps build problem-solving skills. I like stuff like that!"
Student Comment "The thing I like best about learningscience.org is Build-A-Prairie. I like it because it tells you what animals and plants thrive in a prairie and that fire is good for the environment. I also really like Sea Monkeys!"